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Pay by mobile casino slots are simple and fun, but they’re also very rewarding to boot. These games provided by a variety of different development companies, who each put their own unique spin on the game. This could mean that one pay by mobile casino slot could look and play entirely different to another, sometimes they don’t even seem like the same gaming type.

Popular Pay by Mobile Casino Slots Designs

These pay by mobile casino slots can have similar themes, as a lot of developers focus in on the same traditionally lucky designs. Irish pay by mobile casino slots are hugely popular, like Irish Eyes, Rainbow Riches and Lucky Leprechaun to mention a few. These games are usually decked out in green and gold, with lucky symbols like four leafed clovers lining the reels.

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Similarly, ancient Egypt can be a popular venue for pay by mobile casino slots, as this is an area of much opulence. Adventure games like Temple of Isis take players through a tomb, which makes for an interesting time for players. If you love movies like Indiana Jones, then adventure games such as Jungle Jim are the perfect companion for you.

Asia is also popular for pay by mobile slot designers, with titles like Koi Princess and Lucky Dragon focusing on that culture. These are often represented as lucky, as they rely on ancient concepts to make up the symbols on the reels. This is exciting for players and there are just so many themes and countries that they can explore.

Finally, we come to branded pay by mobile casino slots, which use movies, people and music to create their design. If you love branded franchises like Game of Thrones and Tomb Raider then these are the slot games for you!

Pay By Mobile Casino Jackpots

There are a couple of main pay by mobile casino jackpots that you can win, these are known as standard and progressive.

A standard jackpot will always be based on the amount that you wager per spin, as symbols provide multipliers based on that. These can give you thousands of times your bet, but you have to bet more to be able to win more.

Progressive jackpots, on the other hand, are generated by every wager that is placed on the pay by mobile casino slot. A percentage of every wager goes into the jackpot fund that anyone with a minimum bet can win. This means that the jackpot given is based on the amount collected, not on the amount that you bet.

These progressive pay by phone casino jackpots can be triggered in a few different ways, depending on the game. This could be at random or through a bonus round, as is popular with many games. Some of these games can even have as many as four different jackpots available to win, all of varying sizes.

Playing on these games can be rewarding if you manage to scoop up one of these top prizes, so try your luck for a serious reward!

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